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This was submitted to us yesterday and while the video is ripe with shit to make fun of, I mean really some of the names and accents in this video are just hilarious, our real problem here is with GoPro.

What the fuck, GoPro? You couldn’t find any other female riders to sponsor? Funny how all the male motorcyclists you guys sponsor are usually professional riders, but instead of sponsoring one of the few pro female riders, who I’m sure could use the sponsorship, you guys decided to fund this pack of Etsy refugees. I guess Melissa Paris or Elena Meyers wouldn’t agree to setting up GoPros for tit shots while riding around in tank tops. Even if you wanted street riders, there are plenty of women doing things of value and interest and not walking around in sequin panties.

Also if any of the women from this video are by any chance reading this stupid site: Please buy some gear. ¬†Speaking from personal experience, when you go tits up (get it?) it’s going to very very painful if you do it in jorts¬†and a tanktop. Just some brotherly advice.


What is this for exactly?





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  1. Assholes, all of ’em. That’s what I think of bikers who refuse to wear even basic safety gear. I call ’em assholes because I’m jealous. When it’s frickin’ hot out, there they are, sitting at a stoplight in their tank top, no gloves, cheapass canvas sneakers, open face brain buckets… while I’m sweating buckets even in my mesh textile jacket, summer-weight gloves, low top boots and full face helmet with all the vents opened.

    Some of ’em even have the nerve to look cool, too. Cute chicks look the coolest, showing skin while riding. But they’re still assholes, ’cause they are seducing other impressionable fools to tempt the wrath of the asphalt demons.

    No doubt a few minutes in an emergency room having a nurse scrub out their open wounds would go a long way in changing their minds about proper safety gear, but why does that have to be necessary? If one is smart enough to appreciate, really appreciate two-wheeled travel, wouldn’t that make ’em smart enough to dress for the fall?

    I guess not, look at ’em. Assholes.

    • God I love the way you put this. And I agree and you are so right! I’ve had people make fun of me because of my safety gear too. Worst of all are dudes riding in summer clothes short and tank top and oh the stupid yuppie white tennis too. Dumb!!!!

      • So this. When I was a young’un and my Dad made me go to riding school before he’d agree to me getting my licence, they showed us pictures of what happens to your foot when you come off wearing flip flops. Politely put, it’s fucking nasty. And YouTubing videos of skin grafts makes we want to vomit and pass out. I’ll take being hot over spending a month in hospital.

      • Personally, it makes me mad because somewhere out there are young girls watching this video and thinking “Hey, I can be just like them and ride a bike!”.
        When you are potentially setting the example for the next gen of young female riders, there’s a responsibility that comes along with that to show them how to do it right (aka safely).

  2. I don’t see what the big deal is they are traveling from town to town .. eating each other out in tents and blowing strange dudes .. that’s not so bad is it ?

  3. Pure and simple narcissism. There is no other purpose. Women riding motorcycles isn’t new, nor unique. Read a history book, shit, google it. Women who rode in the teens and twenties were breaking ground, I’m sure most of these girls have no idea who Adeline and Augusta VanBuren are. Maybe that would have been more fitting to celebrate women, not silly outfits and melodramatic poetry. Social media and the down fall of civilization.

  4. WTF ..why do these chicks think that they need to be pampered like little babys. They all look to be grown ups. This reminds me of some kind of new age feminist rally bullshit that’s lately being spammed on every mass media outlet.

    Anyway, what the happened to the girl that crashed and why did it happen? Did she go onto the wrong side of the lane? Did the car went over the center line? What?

  5. I wanna see a bunch of gay geezers in a bike gang looking all cool and butch and riding about being snazzy but occasionally crying or touching each other up.. Then I want to see a gang of really cool Hipster Inuit guys riding their Harleys on the Isle of Wight. Naked.
    Then I want to see some half passable birds riding bikes in 70’s terylene nighties in the rain. All tits and that.

    Then I wanna see myself eat a sandwich riding my shitty bike into a golf course pond after sniffing glue all day.

    I hate my bike , I’m bored of the thing and nothing about riding the poxy thing is cool and nothing about anyone else riding one is cool either.

    bloody thing

  6. Just when you think that the bottom of the hipsterism barrel is there
    for the scraping,another deluded piece comes along that extends the
    depth a bit more……these idiots are way out of touch.Trying to recall
    the two women who rode a Panther…with a sidecar…crossing Africa
    north to south(?)…in the 1920’s.Now THAT was an impressive thing
    to accomplish-no real phones-television-internet-711’s-cushy chase
    vehicles…..but, these chicks are eye candy- I’lI give ’em that..wonder
    what it’d be like to film ’em being chased by fuzzywuzzies in country?..

    • Entitlist Fake Riders…..that’s dammed perfect,I do like that
      a lot….well done,good call.
      There seems to be a population of those types who are just
      “passing through” until their Craigslist CB350 ceases to be a
      prop in their fashion mode.

  7. Babes Ride Out? Goddamn really? Nice job losing 100% of your credibility with just the name of your “feminist” movie. These hipster cuntbags’ #1 priority is being taken seriously…because that’s totally adorable!

  8. …..a couple of these chicks were in my shop today.They made no sense in
    the brief conversation I had with them.It was like sending Morse Code with
    a plastic mallet through a layer of lead.No sign of practical intelligence at all.
    And they are riding(?) motorbikes.Well,there IS a good emergency room in
    town for such upcoming failures in waiting.

  9. I wanted to like this video, because I like that more women are getting into riding. It’s been a real sausage fest for years. Had to quit watching the first time at the terrible, all-rhyming poetry. Had to quit the second time when the strong, independent woman ends up borrowing “Ron’s” Sportster, because on the morning of riding out…her fucking battery is dead. As in, headlight-won’t-light dead. That’s a lot of neglect. Motorcycles aren’t accessories, ride them or they shit the bed. For fuck’s sake.

  10. ”A tale about posing” lmfao. i’ve never seen people trying so fuckin hard in all my life. that’s embarassing.

  11. Couldn’t resist (or DGAF) watching much. The only good thing I can say from one of the pics is that the facial hair of beardo hipsters does not have a female armpit counterpart.

  12. This is aimed at either or both of two groups:

    1. Girls, who don’t give a pinch of dry rat shit about professional riding, but love to fantasize about having a great body, displaying it, and being filmed displaying it. And if the girls in the vid are foul-mouthed tattooed trash with crotch rot, you can sell it as feminism.


    2. Normal men, who don’t give a drop of gnat’s piss about watching somebody in full gear, who allegedly has tits somewhere under her leathers, riding as well as a second-tier man. But they do love scantily clad women.

    There is no significant market for watching women pretend to be slow, weak, clumsy men who aren’t fully committed to their sport. Nobody outside the media except lesbians gives a damn about the WNBA, for example. There’s nothing wrong with lesbians, but there aren’t enough of them.

    Feminist men bitch about this stuff but they don’t consume lesbian media either, and there aren’t enough of them to matter anyhow.

  13. “They’re funny”, Ralph Wiggum

    Young girl pulled into our local bike nite yesterday. Sweet GSXR600…$800 Arai helmet, tight jeans, trainers, fingerless gloves…tank top over bra and spectacular bewbs. As she was taking her lid off I asked her if she had seen the photos online of the girl that lost her breasts to road rash. She said “I have a leather jacket at home!”. Dumb ass.

  14. GoPro: “How can we appeal to the ever-expanding vapid selfie market and capture some of those sweet, sweet narcissist dollars?”

    What a cringe-fest.

  15. 1. Positive info: check out , a ride across the US to benefit two stellar charities in the spirit of the Van Buren sisters. Men can join, but it’s definitely an event for female riders.

    2. Everyone can wear whatever they want while riding their motorcycles, but when someone wrecks without gear, I’m not going to their benefit or contributing to their go fund me account.

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