These guys didn’t even try.  Someone must have given them the crib notes on hipster videos and they decided that was good enough.  This video does excel by having particularly bad music, though.

You know what, if they’re not gonna try, why should we?  Here, have a bingo card and play along at home.  We can’t be bothered to make fun of these dicks. Click here to save and print.


35 thoughts on “BINGO

  1. This vid almost made me weep when I saw @ 2:17 how they had butchered a Yamaha XS750 triple (maybe XS850). A beautiful silver/blue XS750 was the first bike I ever bought new off the show room floor. For months I saved every penny, until I could buy the bike. It was a great machine… smooth, quiet, and comfortable. My primary transport while I was in grad school, the XS had a great seat that took my girlfriend and I on many journeys through California, Oregon and Washington. And now I see this abomination. (Pipe wrap and no mufflers — how original). All they have done is make the XS loud and uncomfortable, and useless for two-up riding — essentially eliminating many of the machines best qualities. Oh, and if you want to see more epic Jap bike butchery, check out the Honda at 2:14. Gruesome.

    Red XS750:

  2. I love that the only time any of these chuckleheads can be bothered to wear a full face helmet it has to be a $1700 Ruby. “My jaw’s important, but I’m not going to cover it up with some peasant lid.” At least it’s a step in the right direction.

  3. “All they have done is make the XS loud and uncomfortable, and useless for two-up riding” — Paul’s quote succinctly sums up my irritation with hipster vintage bike destruction. Throwing away nice, stock, chromed rear fenders — those things keep you safe! They look good! You can tie a sleeping bag and tent on them! For a raw tire 1 inch from your backside. Front fender removal, also asinine (but particularly funny when combined with the open-face helmet for a quick physics lesson). Part of me says: whatever, it’s getting people into motorcycling who might not otherwise, and maybe it’s saving 70’s Japanese bikes from the dumpster. But I don’t see these people bragging about smart mods: like replacing points with an electronic ignition; or the ancient selenium rectifier with something that works for $20; or, the real bread-and-butter of vintage bike work: carburetor cleaning and repair. It’s just some idiot and an angle grinder. At least here there was somebody maybe powder-coating a frame. Changing oil, replacing wheel bearings, truing spoked wheels, replacing coils and leads and plugs are all things that actually make sense to do on an old bike.

    • Because if they just fixed bikes instead showing their “creativity” they would just be regular old mechanics, and we can’t have that. These people are artists and geniuses, don’t expect the same thing from them as you would a peasant mechanic.

  4. For as hipster as this bike was, I was surprised to see a really nice paint booth and welding going on and stuff.

  5. I think bike customization can be a good thing, when suspension is upgraded, brakes improved etc., and the bike is made to work better. But good machines have a certain integrity of design/purpose, and it seems, too often, that this design integrity is completely destroyed by these hipster motolestors… for no good reason. As physicians must pledge to “first, do no harm”, I wish these customizers would pledge to not ruin good machines in their quest for Vimeo immortality. Just think what would happen if you left these clowns in a garage with a perfect vintage Vincent and an angle grinder. The horror… the horror.

    • How would you know! You’re just jealous and boring and mad, these people are living the dreaaaam man you’re just a hater. Buy my t-shirts.

  6. I die a little inside each time I see someone has chopped up an old ’70s BMW airhead like these guys. Those old R bikes are fantastic. Should be restored, not turned into bogus cafe racers. The horror, the horror. I think they forgot the X electrical tape on the headlight too.

  7. BTW, I think I got a hipster bingo — assuming the outfits (including scarves) “cost more than the bikes”. I would have had an easy third row bingo, but I didn’t see any burnout on dirt… just riders “circling the wagons” before ritualistic smoking session. Here is my bingo card. Did I miss any?:

  8. @ MrDefo. Saw that, but didn’t really credit it as a burnout… just looked like a street tire slipping in gravel. But I guess in hipsterdom, maybe that counts as a “dirt burnout”. That would give me a third row BINGO.

  9. Did anyone bring up the gloves? Not sure I get the leather gardening gloves. Maybe I should get rid of my Dainese gloves? These tan ones must be superior

  10. Look at those gorgeous vintage Triumphs they have in background..

    Then think of the chopping, modifying hip bullshit they do to those bikes.

    Seriously, my jimmies are rustled thinking of the shit they probably do to those bikes. Boo

  11. So good with the music.
    “La la la la lala” HAHA HAHA HAHA!
    Omg I nearly broke my shit lmfao on that one.

  12. Damn, there is a new video on Netflix called 21 Days Under the Sun that basically hits every square on that bingo board…

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