Here is yet another commercial for some jeans, this time a bunch of funemployed mechanics take a ride from London to Biarritz, a beach resort in the south of France.

Why is it when one of these groups of perfectly coiffed chin hair enthusiasts get together to shoot a video, one of them inevitably has to turn some wrenches? It’s usually on the side of the road and always in range of a fancy camera. Do these denim engineers not check this shit before they leave home? Has no one figured out how to sell Loctite to hipsters?

Hey Loctite marketing dept, this is how you sell to these beardos,

1. Change your name to “Old Pappy’s Hold Em Serum” in a swooshy font

2. Make your product available in pomade tins

3. Charge $50 for it

4. Make it available in coffee shops.

Boom! We’ll be expecting our check in the mail.



Bandanna is a totally viable replacement for a front fender you guys.

Other highlights:




22 thoughts on “Biarrich

  1. stupid fenders..who needs that shit when I got me a beard and a beard club to go join 3 miles down the road. shame I forget to do up the front wheel nut….but fuck, who cares, I look so badass.

  2. The only thing worth a shit in this entire video is the fact that it utilizes a Junior Kimborough song. I’d love to see what would happen if this douche posse actually rode to Junior’s juke joint in Mississippi (before it burned down) and walked in…

    • Did you see how much ‘wrenching’ they did just from england to france? Or the headlights and other parts just bouncing around? Those bikes would fall apart being shipped over.

    • They wouldn’t? Lol. I’m the epitome of everything a hipster hates: played football, work at a gym, in shape, clean cut and…. Ride a Triumph. Those dumbfucks listen to a guy like junior kimbrough to be different . Ir honestly is pathetic on a lot of levels.. Dumbs hits always gotta ruin a good thing; hipsters been around forever

  3. Paved roads have been in France for the last 2000 years, but these douchbags are traveling down a convenient dirt road that adds that oh so important gritty styling to this otherwise inane run of the mill hipster advertisement tool.

  4. bandana and sunglasses UNDER a closed visor on a fullface? wtf? for fashion purposes only.

    a small, mindless herd of sheep desperate for ‘authenticity’. i hate to target the young but that’s where conformity is most craved.

    yeah, buy our over-priced japanese designer jeans, please!

  5. For the benefit of Mr Skids, It’s actually a bloody long way from even the nearest point of England to France (Dover) to Biarritz, which is right on the Spanish border. The entire length of France in fact. Using the modern autoroutes (and paying lots of tolls) you could do it one very long day even in a van or on a modern bike. On those bikes, with that riding gear, on those back roads, it would take at least a week – 3 days riding and 4 days recovering from the discomfort and spannering. You can bet your sweet bippy that those bikes spent most of that journey in the support truck. You can even see one of them being pushed up the loading ramp at one point!

  6. sounds like some ones girlfriend left them for a bearded dude… so much bitterness out of this website. please stay on your neon bright sports bike and wear those goofy full body reflector suits. helps me spot out the weekend warriors like you mid-30s losers. lol k thx bye

    • Funny – that’s exactly how the sorts with American Choppers saved on VHS tapes sounded when the last motorcycle fad was overripening (Before finally bursting and decomposing), only without the pinky waving “lol k thx bye” pissy bit at the end.

      Sportbikes offend low performance people? Good!!!!

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