Beckham gets paid to eat dirt

This video and Belstaff’s ‘pure motorcycle’ site both look like borderline satire.  We dare you not to laugh at the faces their models make.

Poor Dave.  He’s not happy, you can see it on his face; his agent really got him into a situation here that he’s not at all comfortable with. He’s having to ride a 500lb BMW with clubman bars and no seat across a corn field, getting mud constantly flung in his face. Then he barely gets a break lying in the dirt holding a canteen cup wistfully before he’s got to help the rich yups load the bikes back onto the trailer.  We feel bad for you, Dave. Wish we could give you a hug.

This is almost sad, both Belstaff and Beckham were former greats in their respective fields. Now their reputations are being used by shithead marketing gurus to sell you expensive junk.


  • Burnouts in the dirt, which are fast becoming a staple in these videos
  • $2,000 trousers (Link)
  • This gif


6 thoughts on “Beckham gets paid to eat dirt

  1. Apparently Mr B had such a terrible day he now owns the Kevil’s Speed Shop BMW used in the video – obviously hated every minute of it…

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