Beardo Hegemony

Watching this video was hard, it all felt so familiar. I had to scan back through the blog to make sure we hadn’t already posted about it. This happens a lot, most of what we see here we’ve seen in other videos many many times. A bunch of bikes parked in frame while some very particular looking  people do things in front of or around them. Everything was so dull and repetitive, I wasn’t having any luck coming up with mean enough jokes. Just as I was about to close the window I noticed that this event took place in Australia!

Wow who could have guessed it? It’s all the same dopey shit we’ve seen in videos from around the world. This got me thinking, this video could have been anywhere in the world and the crowd would look pretty much the same. Portland, San Francisco, London, Paris or really any city in the world with a white enough population. This is quite an achievement!

Congratulations you jack offs, your image bullshit now rivals the globe spanning breadth of Harley morons. Your neck tattoos, topiary bush facial hair, anachronistic hats, hitler youth haircuts and work boots are on par with best of what the weekend pirates in the Harley world could come up with. Hipster Hegemony has been achieved.




40 thoughts on “Beardo Hegemony

  1. I watched with the sound down and still felt ashamed ha. Dudes riding bitch, bikes on pedestals so hi you can’t even see em, dress ups all round, a drummer in a full face helmet…. shit, where do you stop?

  2. What a difference a half a world away makes:

    Good thing conformity isn’t in!

    Love watching a generation squander their opportunity to create their own identity. Instead, they feel forced to dig through the style dump and fashion salvage yard and feast on stale ideas discarded by the same old people they hate. All the while stroking their egos about how creative and intelligent they clearly are.

    Good thing they generally can’t/won’t breed. And their dogs can’t vote.

    • We breed fine down here homie. And what’s the big deal with drinking beer , customizing & riding bikes and listening to live music…. Would you rather we pick the shit out of people having fun on bike videos in our darkened bedrooms like yourself.
      Get over it , we don’t talk about how intelligent we are, I think your idea of the whole scene is sad man. You sound like you are the one that likes to stroke their own ego on a keyboard & fish gif likes from anonymous internet “friends”. Get out there , ride a bike, grab a beer & stop paying out on people enjoying their ” identity” that you so seem to have a problem with


    • what’s the difference between the 2 videos?!?!?!?!?

      they r mofos coz they’re aussies…
      we r tops coz we r americanos?!?!?!?


      man, chill out!

  3. I can only comment from outside, but it really looks like theyve got a good scene going. Personally, I dont dig a lot of the shitty styles but this is a lot of people having fun. They don’t really all look the same either.
    My first reaction was ‘at least its not all carbon-copy H/D owners!
    We should all be so lucky to feel part of a crowd with similar interests (esp ones that do not include haters behind keyboards).
    In my experience, Aussies are a great bunch and certainly would be the most likely to spot posers and give them a reality check (and I’m from NZ, even).
    There are some cool bikes there too

    • These videos are all about creating a market, or “scene” as you put it where one doesn`t exist and sucking people into paying lots of money for bullshit lifestyle accessories like man-bags and beard wax. Most of these suckers cheque book build their bikes and couldn`t change the oil, yet pretend to be real bikers….all the way to the end of the video (advertisement) when they hit you with their artisinal $400 tool roll.

  4. god, that´s been on the pipeburn page for days i was resisting to watch it… guess ill have to take a look now

  5. looks like everyone had a good time regardless- I’d rather watch this than a bunch of whitebread Connecticut conservative assholes at a cocktail party in Greenwich…

  6. Eh, guys just wanna get laid, and chicks for some reason dig this current style. AND, these days, guys riding “nut to butt” ain’t a big deal.

    As much as Hipsters bore me, I really don’t want to sound like my dad vs. hippies!

  7. Man, you must really be starting to suck at your job when you struggle to deconstruct a video you’ve seen “many, many times”.

    Or maybe you’ve just realised that no one really gives a shit about your pissy, uptight little website and will just continue to ride and do whatever the fuck they want and enjoy it.

    Just give up, dude. Your mom won’t mind.

  8. C’mon mr nasty I come here for your well worded invective, if you need fresh scorn try ‘urbanrider’s’ look book, that might get the old hate glands working again.

  9. Watched the vid twice. I’d say it annoys me way less than some of the oh-so-self-important videos filmed across the other ocean (the Atlantic). The Euros really seem to thing they are something special and chic. These Aussies, well, I think most of them are just partying with their “mates” and having a good time. I saw some pretty nice bikes in the video (maybe 10% of the bikes shown are nice) and that will always redeem a video for me. Yes there are some douches and posers in this video, but in general I think it just shows people who like to ride modified bikes having a good time — I see no harm in that.

  10. Looks like a bunch of normal folks having a good time while Harvard J. Nasty was sitting in a basement trolling on his mom’s computer.

  11. Lol love this blog. I appreciate your stiring the pot, getting a rise outa people, it’s a good laugh. But, in the end, Throttle roll was beer, bikes made by some good blokes and a top ride through the nasho. No two ways about it. Even if you don’t like hipsters, the aesthetic of the bikes, it’s still exactly what you’d rather be doing than watch videos of people doing it.

  12. This whole faux country thing hipsters seem to be into is really annoying me. You know they all grew up in some vinyl clad wasteland drinking wine coolers. I grew up in an extremely rural area. Most of the vehicles in my high school parking lot were mud covered pickup trucks with a full gun rack. We drank moonshine and shot at road signs for fun. Do you know what we listened to? PANTERA!!!! If you want to pretend to be all country and rustic, drop the civil war reenactment garb and the fiddle picking dingle berrys album get yourself some levies and grab a handful of southern metal. Oh yea! an modifying our bikes usually means we were building up our rides with full Wiesco internals and an FMF exhaust.

  13. Are you really surprised about this being Australia. This is the home of Deus after all. One of the prime movers in this whole branded hipster scene.

    It’s global for sure. the internet has made that possible. I think the most surprising aspect is the commercial and marketing aspect of this whole bike scene. It really has become nauseous.

    • Commercial and marketing, yes it’s boring but It’s all tiny upstart companies I’ve never heard of. Not big, well known multi nationals. Those are the real cunts, let’s be honest.

  14. Seems as though the majority of people agree with your opinion of the video, so no danger of pulling it off the site to save face, eh?

  15. Wow a hate blog. How fucked unique. Bunch of wankers taking the high moral ground hidden behind their keyboards taking the piss out of people to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives. ……Now where have I seen that before?????

  16. Unfortunately, a key progenitor of the hipster motorcycle scene worldwide is Dues ex which started just down the road from me in inner city Sydney. I guess if they want to play dress-ups and ride around on over-priced piece of crap bikes, that is their lifestyle choice. What does annoy me about them is how absolutely shit they are out on the road. Slow, mobile speed humps. The chicken-strip brigade. Like most Harley riders, the most important thing to them is what they think other people think about them. Sums up any group seeking ‘coolness’.

    • I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry. I worked for one of the originators of Deus in the 90’s on a major bike project. We obviously didn’t do our job well enough as the project failed. Deus appeared not that long afterwards. I feel that if we had done our jobs successfully there would never have been a Deus and the world would have been saved from a plethora of out of focus, slow motion videos of badly modded motorcycles and lifestyle products. This is something I will take with me to the grave.

  17. “Just as I was about to close the window I noticed that this event took place in Australia!”

    I guess that riding on the left side of the street wasn’t a big enough clue. But then, since when do Ducati riders worry about little things like what side of the street they are supposed to ride on.

  18. Guess we know different Harley riding dudes. Most if not all of the guys I know ride. Period. Rain, shine, snow, sleet etc. And rack up thousands of miles a year but then again the riders I know come from legitimate m.c.’s.

    I know there are a lot of lops, and clods in the H.D. world but not all of us are cut from that cloth. I have yet to see a true hipster with the balls to prospect for an MC club. I’m hopefully wrong about that. Id like to be wrong about that, but if all you ride is a crappy UJM a couple hours on the weekend to be seen then that kind of says it all.

    I have seen some great looking japanese bikes that are either chopped or hot roded out and whose riders are the real deal also so I am not trying to stereotype.

    And yes I have seen many of the same kind of weekend warriors at the harley shop. Which I try not to go to unless I need a part or am broken down. I do enjoy the irony of the pictures and videos on this site. I find some of them pretty sad and others just plain funny.

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