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  1. The whole burnout on dirt and leaving your bike standing in the trench was so cool

    at least I thought it was when I was a stupid teenage kid doing it with a dirt bike, years ago. Maybe it isn’t quite as cool when you have to have your friends hep you lift it out of the hole..

    what a bunch of retards. Now just wait for other retards to emulate them, and start saying fuck stock

  2. As an Englishman I was under the impression that ‘Fuck’ was a bad word. It’s obviously very naughty to say Fuck.
    As a bricklayer by trade however the C word is is constant use but there’s no way I’d promote anything called C**t Stock.
    Probably all very nice chaps.
    The subtitles are superb.

  3. lol @ the Hamburglar…All these dudes want to be Jack Nicholson in “Rebel Rousers” with his striped trousers…idiots.

    • Please show me your bike and your style. Just wanna know how good for the one who call us idiots. If you got no bike,so please bitch stop critic,coz you got no right to judge any one, by the way, hipster just for the bitch on the bike. We are bikers. Go suck you mommy’s breast milk gonna help about your EQ and IQ ,,bitch.

  4. Having spent a little time in Thailand, I’ll have to chime in defense of these guys (well sort of), though I’m not sure what the slogan “F*#k! Stock — It’s No Tasted” is supposed to mean, and I certainly can’t condone the whiskey drinking and riding. BTW Thai whiskey is cheap and very drinkable, and most “working man” Thai restaurants let you bring your own bottle to make cheap cocktails — you just pay for the soda. Back on topic now — at least these guys are actually riding! And at least their bikes are actual runners (albeit hard-to-start runners in some cases). All I case say is “Mai pen rai” (Thai for “no worries mate”, “no problem”). Go to Thailand, have some nice fish dumpling lemon grass soup, find a girl with “chai dee” (“good heart”) and enjoy the beach and nightlife. For all the good things Thai I’ve seen and experienced, I can forgive these silly Hamburglars. They at least seem to have enjoy life and have a self-deprecating sense of humor, unlike the oh-so-serious brooding, bearded hipsters in other vidz on this site. Sanuk baby — it’s all about the Sanuk.

    Quote: “Sanuk (Thai word) is more than having fun; it’s about striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do. Whether it’s the office, the karaoke bar or working in the rice fields, Thai people will try and make it sanuk. A sense of humor and a sense of fun are two of the most important things to pack when you visit Thailand.”

      • If we are goofballs ,so what are you? Please show us what you made of, bitch!!! Show me your bike and you crews if you have any of that ,hater. Bitchester bike video is for a bitches!!! Bikers is a definition for real man… Hipster is for a bitch on the bike!!!! Fuck you and you retards family, bitch!!!

  5. Of course they’re going to dramatize American culture, they’re in Thailand. I’d rather watch this video than drudge through the same old stupid chopcult questions, like “lets see some bobbers with front fenders” or “which tubing bender”, “cheap mig welder” for the three hundredth fucking time. Aside from trying to look fresh outta prison and a light aura of fart sniffing smugness; once past that, you have to admit their builds are in good taste.

  6. @Harvard — I agree that they are goofballs. I just suspect that they are good-hearted, harmless goofballs. I suspect if you actually met these Thai guys you would like them and enjoy their company. By contrast, I suspect if you met some of the smug, self-important hipsters from the “Portland school”, you’d just want to bitch slap them and tell them to get over themselves (deservedly so…)

  7. I just..Don’t…I..I mean..I haven’t..What the fuck is going on with these weird ass trends nowadays? God damn it’s cringe worthy seeing hipsters flocking all over the place. I just don’t understand.

    Anyone else notice hipster girls nowdays are always bragging about whiskey? Seriously chick, it’s not attractive- drink wine.

    Oh, and this video.

    I don’t even know fuck.

    • No hipster on this video, only bikers on this. Ps , bikers is the definition for real man, hipster is for the bitches on the bikes like all you, bitches!!!

  8. I remember going to Fuckstock. It was 1969 and I had just dropped 10 hits of the brown acid when Hendrix took the stage..

    • Lol to this guy leathers and stripey pants are the same thing. Not like leathers are a functional item with a purpose, they’re just another type of costume .

  9. Couple decent builds in that video – which is impressive considering I can’t imagine what it would cost/take to get decent period HD parts in a place like Thailand. Japan is a different story, of course.

  10. Bunch of coward posers are all around this web site. Poser bike video. If y’all are next ,i gonna give you a bitch slap, Bitches!!!

  11. Hello
    I am neither American nor English, so sorry if my English is not good.
    I do not understand why you criticize these people ???
    I know them very well and they are very respectful to me and some other people in the world for friendly or other exchanges.
    They have fun and live life to the fullest.
    I think it’s more jealousy you have towards them because you must be frustrated because you can not do 10% of what they do …..
    I appreciate the many and despite the distance that separates me me them we have good trade.
    While you respect or not it’s your problem but do not fuck with us your arguments too easy to write on a web page, it’s easier to do that than to go and tell them to their face.
    Me people like you do not help me, I prefer their attitude than yours because yours is a huge baseness.
    FYI, I’m going to Thailand in 2015, I know some members of this group via Facebook, and we will contact us via private messages, They know I’m going home and they are waiting impatiently for me personally and I get a couple in me in June 2015 and there is me who welcomes with open arms and with impatience.Toi you can stay at home and keep your useless comments to yourself.
    This will be my only response to your stupidity

      • Stop make fun of somebody’s story ,bitch. Start to have your own bike, your own life, and make your own story. Stay away from moniter ,start riding, bitch!!!

      • On your silly page got nothing on your own but a picture of bitch on lousy tee shirt. Like I said “hipster” is only definition for a bitch. @havard

          • If you can’t handle a little criticism, maybe you should quit making videos of you and your friends acting goofy on motorcycles and posting them on the internet. Go ride ride your bike and relax. You’ll feel better.

            • You didnt critic at all. All you did just hate speech. We accept any critic. Show me some critic like what we should improve or at least show yours as well. Start to make your own story ,bitch!!!!

            • Against me with some logical argue,if you have one bitch. What do you have on your own , you got no life, you, pityful bitch!!!

              • Here is some constructive criticism:
                Quit caring what people say about you. Do what you love, because you love doing it, not because of what other people think about you.
                That is the definition of cool. It is not fashion to impress others or trying to be a tough guy on some internet site.

        • But about this just a hate speech, just my narrow criticism , your web page would be more popular , if some of your so called member have their own life and start to share what they are made of, not just make fun of others story, start to make your fucking own ones. If they are dare to!!!!

  12. We are not hipster ,so it is never in nor never out. Anyway, thanks for some constructive criticism from @fearlesegbert . That criticism, I won’t expect from anyone else from this lousy web.

  13. Yo, Fs crews; according to the interwebs “fuck-stock” in Bang Saen/Pattaya/ /Thailand is a clothing company. Clothes. “Cycle-wear”. Lifestyle. Obviously you haven’t posted this video to share good times or details of your bikes but to sell T-shirts and Hamburglar pants.
    You guys smell of rich mamas and papas so stop hyperventilating and get off your mofo horses. Your video is right where it belongs.

    • Btw., do you sell reasonably priced proper helmets? Or lightweight protective gear? Cause that’s what bikers in Thailand really need.

    • Oh yeah! And btw, this bunch may not be hipsters but a bunch full of posing rich unemployed kids that show off with postmodern styled expensive glasses, watches and bikes. Or is all of this just faked cheap chinese b-shit these guys are wearing and riding? One of that babies is crying for constructive critisism, so take that: punk attitude is not being a rich immature posing babie, bikers are not digging their bike into sand for purpose, and smoke is good for 2-strokers only.

  14. I was in Thailand a few years ago and actually saw which I thought was this very same group posing on the island of Phuket. They did not blend in easily with their badass bikes as most rides here are Honda 125 dreams.

    What was very comical however was to see them struggle with the pure mass of the bikes they were riding. (Thai men are not normally very strong)

    I think Harley is going to struggle with sales here folks, unless they can cut 500 lbs off a sportster.

    (Oh I forgot, f#$k stock)

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