7 thoughts on “Fuck me

  1. You would think the guy is talking about an old Vincent, or at least an old Triumph. It’s a plain vanilla 250 for goodness sake. He’s a big boy and looks kind of silly on the cut-down seat. Don’t have a clue as to why this “project” deserved its own movie.

    • Hmmm – maybe THAT explains the appeal of “Taped X over the “Headlights”” for some guys(?) – can’t quite put my hands on those, er, why that is…

      PS – Hey BSHBV: “Wild Hogs” came out when the Harley thing peaked. How long ’til the hipster sequel of that comes out? It practically writes itself! Major studios (Or crowdfunding sites) should be all over that!

  2. Yeh ok I get that even I can have a bit of fun even riding over
    a tall or long bridge, but I don’t have make a fucking movie
    based on such crap…..Cafe Racers will always be British,no
    Jap bike truly is.Real Irony is this British Hipster calling a 250cc
    Honda such,unique,one off blahblablah.Garner some real self-
    awareness, and actually build a Norton or Triumph,BSA,or even
    a fucking Sunbeam or Panther fer Chri’s-sake….and don’t scab
    over your effort with some half baked self centered video.Long
    ago in Great Britain,the Cafe Racer culture Once existed,now it
    has morphed into a trend of copyists,not much different than the
    period of the painter Von Dutch being commercially rehashed
    and repackaged;but,it ain’t the real thing,folks…you’re only five
    decades late!

    • He’s not British and that’s not Britain, the accent isn’t British and the number plate is the wrongs size for uk law. It’s not the guys own video either it’s part of a series, nice riding and nice bike and a nice story seems fine whats the fuss all about?
      He’s not meeting the current definition of hipster you are.
      Why did you burn your tongue when you ate the pizza?
      because you ate it before it was cool.

  3. No Shit Einstein,”British Hipster” is calling him out,like all these other affected morons who cannot deem themselves other than “Original”.Part of a series of
    meaningless self absorbed bullshit videos, as the website title implies.Current definition of hipster-takes one to call one,and your childish retort on pizza….please gain better table manners.You sound like any other angst ridden phony….so get on your CB125 and Blast off into your self styled little sunset,snowflake..Get lost.

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