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A quick background on some of our writers: 

HnastyHarvard J Nasty, Esq. – Full time exploiter of poors, immigrant from a mysterious land.  Rides a Ducati.



The Rev – Full time motorcycle mechanic, lover of all things German (euphemism for you know what.)  Rides  a BMW R something or the other from before disco was invented, and a Ducati.



Snowden – Full time intern here at the site.  Fetcher of things, editor of grammar, joke writer. Rides an inferior Italian (Aprilia) bike and some British thing, that’s why he’s the intern.

We also have a couple other idiots pals come and go.

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  1. I think it would be difficult for me to express a) how much I loathe everything you post on your site and b) how much I love your commentary and perspective. As a 41 year old man with a wife and 2 kids who still takes solo cross country road trips (on a ducati) every year, it pains me to no end watching the thing I grew up with and on being co-opted by guys who were wearing nature print tshirts and neon ray bans just 3 years ago. being a man isn’t a fashion statement, it’s just… a thing. You do it or you don’t, but you sure as hell don’t advertise it if you do.

    • Thanks Wyatt, what I love is how these guys without hesitation or hint of shame will try to define what it means to be a motorcyclist or what it means to be a man. I happen to be both things but I’d rather shoot myself in the knee than try to tell someone else what it means to be either.

      “Well I bought a CB550 from craigslist, let me start making videos about what it means to be a real motorcyclist” or “Well I got this sweet ass beard, guess I better tell everyone what it means to be a man”

      • ^^ that’s the most accurate and relevant thing you’ve said to date. Ranting and ‘hating’ is fun and all that, but it’s THOSE kinds of observations / commentary that needs to be put more up front in your posts.

        I love that these douche-tards have been riding for a year on a honda (etc), and haven’t put on any ‘real’ miles or have any real experience …. And yet they feel a need to ‘define’ what it all means. Honestly…. I couldn’t give two halves-of-fuck what they think about any of it. They haven’t earned the opinions. Not yet at least. So shut the fuck up, get some goddamn miles and experience under your belt… Then MAYBE …. Maybe… If you happen to do something interesting I’ll give a shit. Maybe. The pretentiousness is just fucking overwhelming the last couple years. I mean… Motorcyclists have always been a doucheyness bunch of guys with huge egos and the bullshit that comes with it. But Jesus…. At least they generally didn’t give a fuck…. Not like this crop of hipster fuckwits that need to be “cool” and look like something they’re not….. Motorcyclist.

  2. Started re-building british bikes 20 yrs ago in a shitty garage (after riding all sorts of jap/german bikes). Nothing major, just good enough to not break down every 5 feet. Five yrs later a friend let me ride his 900 SuperSport for a mile. Next day bought a brand new one. Been with Ducati’s ever since. Do I think they are the best bikes? Fuck no, but best for me and that’s all that counts. Modded every one of the 15 or so I had. Mostly performance stuff, but I do like the some bling from time to time (Ok, every time). Well enough about me…let’s talk about you.
    I appreciate the message you put forth with this site. I get it. I went to art school, I work in a creative field, I appreciate it when people want to modify a bike (whether just slightly or full bore), but the guys in the videos you post. Well, I just chuckle and say “those fucking guys.”
    Go forth and multiply my sons.

    P.S. I’m so not a Ducati snob. I mostly love all things with two wheels, but like I said; Ducati’s work for me more than any of the dozen or so other brands/makes I had.

  3. I was watching a video about a guy’s cafe bmw build*, and he said, “it’s not about style, you just carve away everything you don’t need, and this is what you’re left with.” I practically screamed at YouTube, “and that’s how you ended up with your license place sideways and curved around down by the back axle?!” That was yesterday, today I find your site, and I’m content.

    *Perhaps that vid was featured on this site, I haven’t looked at all of them yet. It wasn’t a hipster thing, so much as a guy who was a little deluded or dishonest about his influences.

  4. Love this site, guy!
    I love the styling of a lot of these custom bikes, but the whole “scene” around it and the stereotypical people involved just turns me off. I built a “cafe racer-ish” bike because I saw one once and liked the style and read up on the 50s British rocker culture and was intrigued, before I ever even realized it was a big thing.
    Loved your article about the “El Shitario” R nineT, it was spot-on. Keep that shit coming!

  5. Excellent. The hipsters haven’t really gravitated to our hangouts yet… still too urban, or should that be urbane! Maybe they’re squeamish about puddles.

  6. I’m all for making fun of idiotic hipsters, but when you start going after an entire group of riders just because a few of them are caricatures, you kinda lose the funny.

    I’m willing to bet half of the commentators/authors here have mohawk helmets, tribal tattoos and Dainese jumpsuits with sponsor patches they never earned. But you don’t see bearded hipster douches making websites about it.

    Don’t get me wrong, 99% of these idiots deserve to be mocked, but certain comments just make me cringe a bit because they come off as bare chested, sandal wearing squids having a bitch session over Jeagerbombs before doing a 120mph lane split on one wheel and thinking people are impressed.

    • Yes you should only make of a thing if it’s 100% true for all the people you’re making fun of 100% of the time. Thanks for the amazing comedy advice.

    • I get a totally different impression of this site’s posters. I would guess there are more than a few Aerostich suits, and not so many back protectors worn without jackets, sneakers in place of riding boots, gloveless hands, etc.

      Hipsters are too worried about what other people think of them to take any thought about us.

      I have always appreciated a well-executed Cafe Racer, but never did it cross my mind that removing the front fender would become the first step to creating one, and to do that but not add rear-sets? Most cafes and bobbers are just hack jobs. I can’t stand to see ruining vintage Japanese bikes with no benefit, then trying to sell them for inflated prices, as if being hacked up has somehow increased their value. Seems like a significant percentage of the bikes from the 70s and early 80s for sale these days are someone’s aborted “project bike”, some of them fairly desirable and less-common models (like a Seca 650, why oh why must they always hack these up?)

  7. You’re welcome. I’m available to freelance if you need some better commentary.

    Also, you missed the point.

  8. My brother-in-law once said “What’s the point of riding if no one is going to watch me”. He was about 4 years old and learning to ride a peewee 50, but this insightful young lad captured what has become the essence of motorcycling for so many douchebags.

  9. I found and bookmarked your site a few months ago, and visit during semi-frequent foul moods. I always leave laughing! I hope you never run out of shit to poke fun at, if you do you could expand to include musicians….and start with Jack White.

  10. I agree that the recent “trend” is driving up pricing for motorcycle related products for some people unfairly, especially those who don’t want to accessorize.

    but is everyone here a damn psychologist with their generalizations about “hipsters” and consumerism. I’m not, but it sounds like all the complaining comes from a bunch of people not getting laid.

    I’m sorry, but what makes America great is the freedom to buy what you want, and do things for romantic reasons. Sure, buying a vintage motorcycle seems nonsensical to you, but some people in America enjoy that right to purchase for romantic reasons. Do you really not have these consumerist tendencies? Your guys views are more akin to socialist societies.

    you guys are sooo interested in a bunch of people who are spending money and looking cool and getting laid. In my mind I can only attribute that to jealously or insecurity (definitely the latter).

    happy deleting and ranting.

    • oh yeah, and this comment is coming from a guy in technology who builds stuff like the underlying infrastructure in this blog so you guys can all go on here and espouse your opinions like loose canons. Can you put all this effort to an actual cause?

      • so you aren’t complaining about certain aspects of consumerism? Why don’t you actually formulate a response to my comment?

        What’s funny is you just said I have no “reading comprehension,” yet I never called anyone a socialist. I instead likened those views to those of socialism.

        • also, based on your comments, are you just condemning the idea of “style” as something that is definitively nonsensical? Do you own any tshirts with designs on them, or is every single thing you do purelllyyy functional?

        • Sigmund would have a BLAST observing this forum of frustrated, angry men, who feel outcasted by the fact that some people value style, and have more romantic tendencies. If you don’t agree with me you’ve a) never read freud and shouldn’t be referencing, b) didn’t understand the content, or c) didn’t agree, which is okay, but then don’t quote him.

          • ” some people value style, and have more romantic tendencies”

            Right, because wearing the same exact beard and hairdo as everyone else is the very epitome of style and romantic rugged individualism.

  11. sounds like you just read zamm with your “romantic” comment. Why not just treat it as a bit of fun? I couldn’t care less about hipsters but it is always good to make fun of people. Disableds, thickos, hipsters, downers, midgets, bald people, people with stupid haircuts, women…

  12. beautiful site…I have already sent several like minded colleagues over here!
    like the earlier post..I have been riding since 1965 and I hated the douchbag
    poser/hipster types before they freekin’ existed!Just once,they should try to
    explore the idea of creating their own “earned” identity.Like the dying Tom Hanks
    character in “Saving Private Ryan” said…….”earn it……..EARN IT…..”

  13. Oh, so how many miles do I have to ride before you consider me worthy of making style choices? Do you also think that doing a resto-mod on a car is stupid? White wall tires trying too hard? Reproduction Cragar mags too calculated? I don’t know, if it’s a joke, you’ve worn it impossibly thin. People like what they like and some people like to have other people look at them. You seem to really go outside of your “joke” and just have a problem with people that are cooler than you. Why not go after all manners of insufferable biker? There’s an impossibly wide range of them! I’ve been riding and wrenching since I was a fuckin’ tyke but because I am under 30, grew a beard and like to wear Vans sneakers when I ride you take umbrage? Enough to curate and update a whole blog devoted to it? You’re not making jokes here, dude. You’re just being a dick for laughs. I get it, but don’t confuse that with making jokes. That’s what infantile assholes do. At least the dudes who you try to take a dump on are friendly and inclusive regardless of outward appearance and presumed motivations.

        • Oh,you’ll be talking to all the dirt grits,when
          those house slipper Vans get ripped off your
          feet in a decent low side get off….and they are
          scrubbing the raw meat that was a nice foot,
          forcibly caked w/your favorite grit.Ah,the great
          insolence of these particular youth.Good Luck.

          • They’re not safe. You’re right. Sorry I called you a name. That was dumb. Keyboard make me say dumb things. I’m sure you are, in fact, an okay dude. I’ll go now.

    • Ok since I assume this was written to us the authors, I’ll reply. This has nothing to do with how long you’ve been riding, we don’t make fun of new riders we make fun of stupid videos and the people who make them. I have no idea what a resto-mod car is, if it’s a bunch of pretentious assholes using old cars to sell man purses and t-shirts then the answer is yes.

      We hear this argument all the time, “but there are other stupid people on motorcycles too”. This makes no sense to me, we can’t make fun of one group of idiots unless we make fun of all idiots?

      If you choose to ride around in vans on a motorcycle, I figure you’ll learn your lesson the hard way but don’t expect me to not point how fucking stupid it is.

      • Alright, alright…I’ll unbunch my lady briefs. I’m still gonna wear vans though. Most of these videos are, admittedly, god damned insufferable. I’m just sensitive on Mondays I guess. You can laugh at me when I’m walking on nubs instead of feet, that’s fair.

        • I would Never laugh at anyone with a Physical
          Impairment.Particularly(relevant here)involving
          motorcycle crashes.These comments are of
          some Earned advice.Just one Example……..
          In 1976, a good friend was involved in a classic
          car turns left before you scenario.He was travelling at approx.65 mph,within the posted
          speed,on his freshly broken in KZ650B series
          bike-he was minding his own deal.There were
          no skid marks as the impact was,according to
          the cops,”excessively violent”.In short,the bike
          punched THROUGH the right side door,and
          maimed the driver-but he survived.My friend,
          fortunately for all of us,survived also,but having
          worn no gloves or boots that were decent,had
          horrible injuries to both hands and at least one
          foot.He then had to experience Seventeen procedures over the following two years w/all
          the repairs on both hands and his foot.At least he had a good helmet,jacket and pants.THAT
          was a Major wake up call to myself and others.
          You never know,be it a small crash or the one
          that’s catastrophic,hedge your bets like any
          smart gambler.Not preaching from a pulpit,as
          I look back on having made clouded decisions
          myself w/my motorsickle riding,I am just lucky
          nothing bad happened.We all learn somehow.
          Hopefully you will go safely and have some fun
          along the way.And welcome to these great
          comment sections,as the vids are as you nailed
          them….fucking insufferable bullshit.Have Fun!

          …oh,and that old colleague,he is still riding last I
          knew,but more off road these days.

  14. You Guys? are the ticket. you are every thing a grown man isn’t, you obviously have made only a few mistakes in your lives and are the fountain’s of all that’s right and stuffed full of knowledge if not maturity. In reality; you are judgemental, patronising, self- righteous, envious, jealous & have a strange concept of Fun.

    It easy to laugh at people, spread hateful thoughts and be destructive, being constructive is much, much harder. Does it matter what someone rides as long as they are riding? As for protective stuff, who had the right gear in their teens? You fall off you hurt yourself, if you survive, you learn. Initially you really need, , first and foremost good boots & good gloves, two good lids, one jet style with googles/eye protection for Town and Country roads, because they are better for peripheral vision and a good Full-face for Motorways for consistent high speeds.

    A good leather usually comes later, in fact I never ride anywhere without leathers on, Kett Salopettes with a pretty good jacket with a built in spine protector, good boots and gloves, underneath is my business!

    Motorcycling and Motorcyclists have enough of life’s naysayers and legislators against them without the self -righteous within criticising others, so what if they wear expensive gear, its their choice, a wiser youth/man would wear more of the above in protective gear, but hindsight is a thing that comes with experience & in general I have to have lived a little longer to benefit from its insights.

    At least “Motorcycling’s” roots are mainly from, our own traditional working productive output with needs centred round a fast disappearing industrial working man’s low technical creative culture, however, it chooses to express itself.

    Rather than the adoption of someone else’s cultural beat/rhythm, so lets get everyone else involved. If motorcycling is to survive it needs everyone on board, the young in the UK, have been virtually legislated off the road.

    I myself is not keen on beards, consider anything without a rear mudguard as sacrilegious, consider a Feather-bed frame as worthy of a religious cult, do not like number plates side-mounted at the rear, and have no real interest in computerised fuel-injected motorcycles, which can’t be repaired by the roadside.

    White culture is under threat maybe they the young, will create a movement that will get everybody else on board. Without assistance from the Japanese in the 60’s & 70’s the bike movement would have been dead on its feet anyway.

    The Global Motor Industry & many National Transport policies are now being dictated to by the Environmental, Health & Safety, Political controlling Nazi elite ably assisted by profit hungry materialistic arseholes, non of which probably ride bikes & they give no quarter. This is what we should be uniting to oppose and fighting to quell & defeat.

    Engine design is getting increasingly complex as strict air pollution controls dictate waste gas recycling and weaker mixtures generate more heat, soon simple lovely air-cooled engines will disappear. Water cooling adds weight and complexity and quietens everything down, on many modern machines you cannot hear the engine above the chain rattle!

    Motorcycles, in my view, should be relatively inexpensive, exhibit longevity, be simple in design and resist the move to being a victim of complexity, fairly light in weight and uncluttered; Form should be centred round Function, aesthetics a bonus if they don’t compromise the primary objectives. Look at cars now, in the main expensive ubiquitous looking, non-serviceable, bloated box-shaped pieces of plastic shite. Motorcycles “bikes” are generally all going the same way too.

    The youth need our support not sniping from the side-lines, divide and conquer has always been the statement of the oppressors, who’s side are you really on, yes you, the judgemental, piss-taking, cool dudes club, more than enough said?

    Also you haven’t got the guts to identify, who you really are!

    Johnny The Reb

  15. Mr Nasty:

    I know you’re not much a fan of ChopCult, but this guy has it coming. Sean “London” ripped off at least half dozen members for at least a grand. This standup individual also happens to be the star in the fall lookbook feature on Feltraiger’s home page. That company has a boutique in Brooklyn. Shit’s pure gold. Check out my post in shitlist:


    In his defense (btw go ahead and put me or chopcult on blast any time, I enjoy it); I had gifted him the funds. He also was supposedly locked up for his second DWI, according to his girlfriend, and has not responded to anyone since about the 1st of May. Irregardless of the whole situation, there is a TON of low hanging fruit and thought you would enjoy it.


  16. I just ran into this site last night and haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while. Reading the comments is interesting; some of them are hilarious, and some are thought-provoking.
    So here is my take on all this. I can’t stand the poser thing, but at the same time good for all of them and I hope they are having a great time. I also hope that none of them read this stuff and get their feelings hurt! It makes me also wonder why I get so pissed off about stuff that has no direct bearing on my life. Blah, blah, blah.

  17. Dear Barrister Nasty,
    This thought worm is just funny. I can’t get it out of my head. I’m 48 and new in the program. I wear Carhartt on my BMW R1200GSA. My gloves are deerskin and bought on the sale rack. I don’t frankly give a shit if somebody doesn’t approve of my vibe because I have no vibe. I got an extended loan of a demo S1000XR because the knuckleheads at the shop couldn’t get their shit together, so I’m playing on this piece of work for a few days. When I was doing 70 in 2nd gear, I figured it’s all in God’s plan that I don’t own a bike like that one. Please keep writing…you are gifted and disturbed, all at once.
    Dr. BillyStan

  18. After reading the above comments I just want to say.I like my harley and going 100 mph with loud pipes is fun. Why else would you do it. ?? No body I know is trying to prove anything to anyone. We are just having more fun than you. And yes after 45 years of riding loud pipes do help you not to get killed by some shmuck on a cell phone.

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