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(Original Post from Nov 3, 2013)

A lot of people have confused us making fun of pretentious assholes for us hating vintage bikes. This is not the case, one of us rides a 1955 BMW regularly and we hold no hate in our heart for old bikes. So for once weโ€™re gonna post a video we actually like. Weird choice of music though.

Re-posting this because I’m sick of answering stupid people in the comments. Stop creating straw men in your heads to argue against, I don’t love all GSX-Rs (or all modern sports bikes), even though my brother loves them I think they’re pretty dumb. I don’t hate vintage bikes, I’ve owned a few of them, they’re neat sometimes. I make fun of stupid videos made by dickheads, if you ride an old bike and don’t fit into the description then you shouldn’t be getting your panties all in a bunch. So please stop.

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  1. Ducati has always and will always make garbage in the shape of a motorcycle. I’m a greasy half-italian but any two-wheeled thing made in or near Italy sucks.

  2. Yep. I ride an old bike because it’s in my price range to own outright. GXR’s look pretty damn cool though… Someday.

  3. That’s a great video, and a great example of people who take vintage bikes seriously, but still ride the piss out of them. These guys tearing the fenders off of decrepit beaters and then mounting stupid tires for the “look” don’t get it.

    • Yeah because complaining about stupid comments is the same as complaining about all comments. You’re 100% right.

  4. Wait NHNasty, you mean you’re butthurt that people are generalizing you guys without knowing you personally based on a few stereotypes associated with your bike scene? Thats ridiculous, everybody knows you’re just a kindred soul who would never do THAT to anybody! Oh wait…

    • Well actually I’m saying that I don’t generalize, we make fun of very specific things and that they shouldn’t get all butthurt because we’re not making fun of everyone who likes old bikes just specific examples. But your retarded interpretation is just as good I guess.

  5. Hi
    I did see this one last time You posted it, and I can see where You are coming from, Its fun when You slag off the typical Hipster coffee bullshit beardy videos but…
    Looks like the only difference between this video, and a lot of the ‘hipster’ ones that you like to scoff at, is that most of the people in this video are, for want of a better description, ‘older’ regular vintage bike enthusiasts. The same boring close ups, the same folksy country ass soundtrack, the same tedious lengthy shots of bikes that are stationary, loads of shots of fuckin craggy dudes talking and laughing and eating. Grass blowing in the wind, Spongebob, food… Snore fest. Reminds me of going to a classic bike show and looking at all the cool bikes and then getting to that stage an hour or so later when your like, ‘Ive seen all the bikes and now its doing my nut, the burgers are like five quid!’ Yes the bikes are rad, but this video is shit. I want to hear the bikes and see them goin straight away, without having to sit through a montage of mundane arty shots. Anyways, another point to add, is that these bikes are VERY expensive and another point to add is, El Solitario, who You have previously scrutinized from Your Washington dungeon, is also in this film, as is one of his bikes.
    Big KISS <3

      • “I make fun of stupid videos made by dickheads”
        So with that in mind, with the HJN video scrutinisation criteria, this could be described as a stupid video made by a dickhead. But I wold not describe it like that because referring to people one has never met as ‘dickheads’ is Bullshit.
        Super Hugs xx <3

  6. Holy Shit! I’m starting to notice that a lot of anti-hipster comments are getting a LOT of dislikes. I think you guys have really misjudged public opinion on this issue. Time to give it a rest maybe?

  7. If I met a younger person, say under fifty years old with a motorcycle from the 1980s or earlier and they were genuinely interested in the motorcycle’s history and mechanics and riding and not in having it for jewelry or an investment, then I might be able to stomach talking to them, but I don’t remember anyone like that. When vintage motorcycle clubs started springing up in the USA in the 1980s, almost immediately it all became about what the motorcycles could do for “me” instead of what anyone could do for the motorcycles or their history. The most interest anyone had in talking to old-timers who had the bikes before the 1980s was in talking them OUT of their old bikes so they could parade them at shows, flip them for cash, or wear them around their necks on chains as jewelry for their egos. I hope there are some younger people out there with old bikes who are not hipsters, if anyone finds one let me know.

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